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California Hard Money

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California Hard Money Loans is operated by Rockland Commercial, Inc. in Manhattan Beach, CA Los Angeles County, and has extensive experience in placing hard money financing on commercial and residential real estate. We are a residential and commercial california hard money loan and hard money lending specialist that represents a multitude of private individual hard money investors who specialize in funding hard money loans in California. In addition to our expertise in residential and commercial hard money loans, we also service bridge, construction / rehab, and apartment hard money loans.

Hard Money Lending Services - REO Purchase Loans Available!

  • California Hard Money Loans - California Hard Money Loans 

    • Purchases & Refinances with Cash-Out
    • Low Documentation Loans
    • Apartment buildings 5+ units and Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Rental Properties
    • No and low pre-payment options
    • 6 to 60 Month Terms Available
    • All Property Types - Including Special Use, REO investor, etc.
    • Up to 75% Loan to Value
  • California Residential Hard Money Loans

    • 1st TD loans from $100k - $5MM Super Jumbo
    • 70% LTV 1st TD
    • All Credit Grades - even below 500 fico
    • 2nd TDs up to $1MM - max 65% CLTV
    • 2nd TD HELOC program up to 70% LTV (max $100k loan)
    • Low Documentation Programs
    • Owner Occupied Properties and Non Owner Occupied Properties
  • California Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loans

    • Purchases and Refnances with Cash-Out;
    • Purchase Bridge Program for Deferred Maintenance or Lender Failure - 10.99% 1-2pts, 3-month term, $1MM-$5MM
    • Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Retail Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Mixed-Use, Special-Use, Automotive and other property types
    • Interest Only, Interest Reserves Available, and Minimum Payment Options 
    • 2nd TD's available up to 70% CLTV on Apartments
    • 6-month term to 5-years depending on property type and loan request
    • Owner User Properties
    • Big Ugly Vacant Buildings
    • Land: with Entitlements (final map only)
    • Construction and Rehab loans
    • No Pre-Payment Penalty Programs Available
  • California Bridge Financing

    • Short Term "Bridge or Gap" Financing
    • Acquisitions with Low Fee and Rate Hard Money
    • Cash Out Refinances
    • Tenant Improvements or Rehab

Loan Structures - California Hard Money - California Private Money

Hard money loans are real estate collateralized loans based on the sale value of the property against which the loan is made. Hard money lenders generally only lend in 1st position.  However, some hard money lenders will subordinate to another 1st lien position loan; these loans are known as second lien position loans.

Hard money lenders are most concerned with Loan-to-Value or LTV ratio and typically lend a maximum of 60-70% of the value of the property. Value is defined as 'today's sales price, the amount a hard money lender could expect to realize from the sale of the loan collateral/property in the event that the borrower defaults and the property would be sold in a 1-4 months' time. This 'value' differs from an MAI appraised value.

Hard Money - Private Money History 

Hard Money is a term that is used in the United States and Canada where hard money loans are common. In California hard money developed as an alternative to bank loans.  Hard money lending began in the 1950s when the credit industry in the US was under dreastic reformation. (see FDIC: Evaluating the Consumer Revolution).

The hard money industry had some set backs during the real estate crashes of the early 1980s and early 1990s due to lenders overestimating and funding properties at well over market value. Due to this it is typical for hard money lenders to be more conservative in their maximum lending limits, such as a 10% reduction in maximum LTV. 






















California Private Money Loan - Residential Apartment Commercial
California Private Money Loans has extensive experience in placing private money financing on California apartment, commercial and residential real estate. We represent a multitude of private investors who fund commercial and residential hard money l

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